All about that Vape #1

As a smoker of around let’s say 12 years, I started to recently vape. I tried Twisp and I can with 100% confidence say it did not work for me. So I had my reservations when someone suggested I should try vaping…eish…just another thing where I would spend money on kicking my habit of smoking.

So I bit the bullet and the first device I bought was the eLeaf Pico. 

It was nice, and I immediately kicked the smokes and started to vape. Its been about 3 months now without smokes and I can honestly say it works brilliantly, especially now that when I have a craving I don’t have to walk all the way down the building and to the parking lot to smoke. Now I only walk to balcony and act like chimney.

After about two months I decided to upgrade (thanks Tahir Achmat!) to the Smok Alien with the Baby Beast tank.

This is truly a really nice mod and tank combo for starters. Its a bit thirsty on higher wattage but still wonderful.

So, if you want to quit smoking and can’t do the cold turkey approach, I highly recommend going for this. It works wonders and the smell is something really nice for all to enjoy, I am even allowed to smoke this bad boy in my home office.

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