Development Ramblings #1: Improvement!

When I started my new job a few months ago I decided I would approach every scenario/case/task or whatever you want to call it with a fresh mind and the concept that everything can be improved.

I have learnt quickly from my past that you should never short hand your changes “just to get it done”. Oh how many times had I to revisit my and other’s code just to see how it was rushed without any forethought into the impact or even the improvement you can make it in and around the code you touch.

It never hurts to spend a couple of minutes to look at the true impact your change might have to save you from the mind numbing consequence of having to revisit the code at a later stage just to realise, shoot, I could have done that better.

So my story is not one of the above where I needed to revisit some old code but it was all about a conversation I overheard from one of the other teams with our QC’s (yes, the joys of an open office). They needed to test our mobile build on a specific environment during one of our production days, which normally means everyone is super busy and doing that will cost us time and lets be honest, its a bit of mission. So, I decided to be proactive, or reactive, depending on how you look at the scenario and I spoke to the dev in question and suggested we should do automated builds for the mobile apps that will link into HockeyApp and thus the QC can pull down the Apps they need, when they need it without us having to lift a finger.

He liked it and QC loved it even more, so, in our spare time, we quickly setup a Jenkins server with automated builds towards Hockey App and wouldn’t you know it, it worked like a charm. So we demoed our little achievement to the CTO and he loved it in return, and thus we are implementing it full scale for all the apps and a couple of headaches are now spared.

Here are some links to the techs I used for this:

My suggestion as a developer, always be concerned about the change you are making, and be mindful of the changes others make around you. In some small or large way, it will impact you, be proactive and always read up. You can never have enough knowledge on stuff out there that will help IMPROVE your abilities and hopefully push others around you to do the same.

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