Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog.

I decided to start blogging my experiences as a developer in this wonderful world we find ourselves in, be it, from new technologies, sporting events, gaming to everything else that interest and frustrates me. The main aspects of my blog will contain development aspects such as new tech stacks, other blogs or articles I find interesting in the awesome world of development, and who knows, maybe I can inspire some of you to delve deeper into this world.

I pretty much relate everything I experience in life back to coding and how I can improve on it, even sometimes I realise a shortcoming from these experiences. Lets be honest how many times have you stood in some queue that’s taking forever and you think to yourself, how can this take so long? Isn’t there some contingency plan in place to make things better, well here I will ramble on about stuff like that.

I also intend to talk about gaming, e-Sports and new releases in general as well as a bit of vaping maybe, who knows.

Feel free to contact me directly on herman@hermantheunissen.com or follow me on twitter, or even leave a comment here for me to respond to. If you have any specific topics you want me to research or talk about let me know. I am always open to new and exciting topics/ideas.

Until the next post…have a great day!

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